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Raffia Madagascar handicraft

Is created by the aim to support the sustainable resources from Madagascar.

We collect and manufacture items with raffia.

We export these items and handicrafts made of raffia.

About Us

Raffia Madagascar Handicraft does handmade articles which are mostly in raffia such as raffia bags, raffia hats, raffia baskets…

We work with local community in village in Madagascar to provide to us the fiber of raffia which is our raw materials. And we work and have partnership with skilled women to make and produce the handmade article.

Quality check is done for each articles at the end of the process of production.

Using natural materials

The raw materials are fiber of raffia transported and delivered by local community from village. The tree is named Palmyra Palm and is typically from tropical region like Madagascar. The fibre of raffia is soft and pliable, strong and easy to manipulate. And because of this raw material from tree Palmyra Palm, we work hardly with local community to preserve the environment.

Supporting local community

The aim of handmade articles is to create job for the community. And jobs on handmade articles are usually for women. 

Women who have this quality of love (as mother) and quality of care (for baby,  children, family and also work). 

And we can meet together the goal of the sustainable development in our country Madagascar. 

Handicraft For Sale

Raffia hat, Raffia Bag, Raffia basket, Embroidery, Sisal Basket…….

Happy Clients


« Handmade is better for people », « Raffia is better for environment »


Lot III L 73 Ampanaravoana Alasora, 102 Antananarivo.

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